Course Description

Trade finance is a massive, multi-billion dollar business spread across the globe and is growing by leaps and bounds.

There is a shortage of experienced and knowledgeable resource in the Trade Finance space and also lack of clearly defined processes, procedures, rules and regulations to guide the team responsible for processing Trade Finance transactions.

The following program have been specifically developed to cater to the ever growing needs of qualified & knowledgeable professionals in the area of international trade finance.

Workshop Duration: 3 days

Program Benefits:

- Improvement in confidence level in  employees 

- Reduction in error rate in transaction processing

- Attract more trade business / trade customers

- Improve customer confidence

- Guidance to customers

- Submission of proper documents by customers


To cover the following areas:

- Introduction to Trade Finance

- Parties in International Trade

- Risks in International Trade and risk mitigations

- Documents in International Trade - Letter of Credit (LC) – types, parties, advantages, function etc.

- Methods of Settlement – LC, Advance Payment, Collection, Open Account

- International Commercial Terms (INCO Terms 2010)

- Bank Guarantees (BG) – types and purpose - Common terms encountered in international trade

 Workshop Duration: 3 days

The following Program will help the participants to mitigate the following lapses:

- Unnecessary costs & charges

- Delay in & wrong submission of documents

- Wrongly structured letters of credit

- Delay & mistakes in processing of transactions 

- Additional risks and costs

- Delay in obtaining the funds from the counterparty

- Frauds


- Employees in trade finance departments in banks and BPOs

- Rm’s in banks 

- Credit Officers in banks 

- importers and exporters

Participats will receice an appreciation letter and a certificate duly signed by the designated instrutor issues by the Organization.

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